Monday, 18 April 2011

Trip to Johor

On last 1st April,my course organize a study trip to Johor the title of the trip is "Lawatan Kearah Peluang Pekerjaan" or "Towards Employment Opportunity Tour" . It is for the member club to open their eyes that our field is what kind of job that linked with.

Firstyl we go to Nusajaya. we arrived at Nusajaya office . then their official from marketing department have described and explained a little about the goal of all development of Nusajaya . after that, we re carried to visited all around at Nusajaya planned for to 2014 . we re also went to that place are called Puteri Habour . Puteri Habour re developed  to cruise port, luxury condominium and so on . im sure that Puteri Habour will become most popular place in the world when everything was ready to use .

Our course is International Trade course so maybe our opportunity job in the future is will work with the ports company as an example we go to Port of Tanjung Pelepas, it is one of the high technology port in the world so I am proud to be Malaysian because my coutry have such that advance technology. Actually I have a intend to work there because it such as a good place to work and the surrounding is good and also near to Singapore. and I never been  there so someday I will..

After visited Port of Tanjung Pelepas, we stay at University Technology Malaysia (UTM).Because on the next day we will visit around UTM and see what kind of development that is have in there.

Firstly, we visited to reserved forest in UTM actually we  are the first University in  Malaysia that visited the forest because it juts recently done renovation. it is a honor for us. After that,we go to deer place to look there because deer is very famous at UTM. Then, we visit their observation station an up there we can see the whole UTM campus. It is a crescent shape and very beautiful if we look from the hill.

This kind of trip I very like because we can see other state and culture. So there are many benefits if we join the trip to anywhere because we can learn from trip.


Last month my friends and I is attend for the Motocross Race that was held beside the Stadium of Sultan Mizan,near to Seberang Takir Airport. The race was held by the local organizer and the participant was very encouraging because about 50 participant participate in that race.

So my friend and I are very like to watch a motocross because of their action or the skill that is show by them. It is very extreme action and very challenging  so as a extreme sport fan, I am very enjoy to watch it.

The race was divided by three kind of group
 1. Cup Cross. It is a motocross that the capacity of their engine below than 150cc because it is only for the small motorcycle.

2. Endurance Cross
It is like a cross country race,because the participate have to go through along the hard track like have to facing with mud or water or hilly way. It is for the big motocross because only the big group of motocross can  participate in this kind of race.

3. Motocross race,it i the kind that only big bikes only can join its for the extreme action because this motocross type have to do a variety skill and marks given by their skill and the control of their bike. If more high the motocross jump marks that will be given.

That all for my interest in motocross activities and even it is the extreme or rough activity but it is also sport. that we call Motor Sport.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

preparation for final exam

My Final Exam was near and it is start on 24 April 2011, I am very nervous because I am not a good student and not very clever but have many lazy attitude such as sleeping,not study watch a movie chatting,surfing Facebook,and many more. So I have to change my bad attitude to prepare for my Final Exam to be more hardworking and diligent. I Have To !! because it is for my future and for my parents to proud on me because of the good result.

So my preparation of my Final exam is I have to do a Study Group with my friend, see a lecturer study by myself  and do a revision.

Like study group I can invite my friends to help me teach me a subject that I not very understand and ask a question. seeing a lecturer to ask them to teach me the subject such as account and math,because I am very - very week in that subject.

Do a revision is the most important thing that I have to do because with revision I maybe can understand the subject and maybe can more can some new information because with revision we can revise back the subject that we do not understand and can research that subject until we understand.

So that is my preparation for facing the final exam and I hope all my friend support me and also madam Wahidah to support and pray for me to get the good result. Insyallah. amiinnn

Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner Club of International Trade Student was held on 14 April 2011 at Permai Hotel in Kuala Terengganu,Terengganu. My task  in that ceremony is to be an Emcee duet with Mima Osman . It is very tired day because Mima and Me have to control the event about 3 hour until the ceremony end. Even though it is my first time to handle informal ceremony but I am very enjoy because all audience also enjoy.

There are have many activities like surprising  for the member that was born in April, we call out all name that their birthday are in April there are shock but happy,so we ask them to blow the candle on the cake.

Beside That,the food are very delicious and very tempting like Pasta,Spaghetti,malay food,gravy food and much more until my stomach was full.

Below is the tentative an that Annual Dinner.

8.30   - arrival of guests
8.45   - welcoming speech from our director program
          - speech from YDP Intrade
          - speech from part 6 representative
          - meal prayers from Ashrol
9.30   - dinner start
          - offering from part 4
          - lucky draw session one
          - junior prize were given to senior
          - offering from part 2
          - prize giving to sporty, naughty and polite every sem
          - most beautiful dress
          - offering from part 6
          - lucky draw session two
          - King & Queen
12.00 - dispersed

UniSZA in Flood

During early march of 2011 there were raining heavily and not stop untill the end of march or the earlier of april rain is non stop every day untill all kind of daily activities cannot be done. So, when its rain not stop, the water level reach level limit of drain so the drain cannot patch then the water overflow.

The picture above show that my friend Ashrol and me is playing water while  we are on the way to the program that was held by Public Speaking CoCurriculum at block Ali. The topic is Hero Speech.

We have to folding our bottom jeans for not been touch by water. But this is the new experience that I have been face because in my state there very rarely been flood and I never yet bath with flood water.

So someday  I will bath with that water. I Will do it hehehe,

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First Time To be An Emcee

I Want to share with all of you about my experience that first time be the emcee or chairman council. I face this kind of situatin when my best firends Hafizuldin ask me to be his emcee in his program named 'Perkongsian Bijak Cemerlang' . Actually I'm very nervous because its first time right???
every one nervous when its first time do. So, when Im became the emcee all kinds of eyes lokk at me because during that time only me talk because Im the ceremony handler. So, I have to do my job very confidently and succesfully because  I representer  the organizer name.

Alhamdulillah, at the end of ceremony I do my responsible successful and I like it. So, that hows the feeling being the emcee and i have experienced it and as a conclusion its not so hard and if you practice frequently it will make it perfect of a good emcee like msot famoust emcee Aznil Haji Nawawi.

Oral Presentation

Today I will seat from Oral test and I'm very excite because does not know what kind of question that will be give to me,usually its general knowledge. I'm from the group The Fantastic Four with my friends Ashrol,Aminuddin,Badri And Aziamy(me) have to be ready everytime because we afraid that we cannot answer the quesrtion. let me tell you about the Oral Test

First ly,its diveded by two task like

Task A : Induvidual
- All candidate will be give the question and gived time to read about 2 minutes.
- Jot down all the point
- 2 minutes to present sequencely
- after 2 minutes candidates must stop.
 - the other candidates must write the notes that have been presnt by their friends

Task B : Group Discussion.
- All Candidates must Discuss with their group
- 10 Minutes time given
 - All candidates must present thier oppinion
 - A bit of Arguing(more marks) hehehe
 - All candidate have to make the conclusion
 - Or Conclude All the points to make a One Conclusion

So, That a little bit about my Oral presentation that I will face it TODAY !!!!
I hope you guys pray for me and my group ok and get ther higher marks. Insyaallah

Last Class With Madam Wahidah

Madam Wahidah bt Abdul Wahid is my beautiful,cute,georgeous lecturer.She teach me the English subject or in UniSZA known as UBI 1022. It is the University course and my friends and me have to take this course mustly. Madam Wahidah is the most sporting lecturer that I ever have and I like her very much, because not bored when she teach,lots of humors and jokes.

Moreover, she always wear beautiful dress like a "Last Malay Woman in The World" .Always wear Baju Kurung and very colourful. She's also have the hobby closely same with me like cooking, Madam Wahidah likes to cook and know how to bake a cake,make a pizza decorates food and much more.
This kind of hobby actually my hobby during my childhood. Because when I'm 8 years old iwant to be a professional chef.

I will miss Madam wahidah so much because after this I not hear anymore voice from her,lokk her face,miss her jokes,miss her story and the wise advice. I hope she will tech me or my class again if there  have the oppurtunity to do that. Lastly I hope that Madam wahidah will remember me and my class along with the memory that we throgh together during part 2 in the year 2011.

To : Wahidah
Assalamualaikum, Madam  Wahidah, thanks for teach us especially me and I hope that all our mistake I ask the appologise from you and I hope you permitted(halalkan) ur knowledge that you give to me with willing heart and I hope that you pray us as you lovely student to succeed Succesfullu and get the happy life together.
I pray for you and your family to have a happy life ever after and I hope that you always be a good wife and mother and I surely that you are. So ,untill this my small biography about you and I hope u never,ever,ever forget INTRADE or DPP 7 2011 because WE LOVE U A LOT.


Monday, 11 April 2011


The best moderator that I choose is Nuratiqah Nazri @ Kaka. Firstly why I choose her because she have a sweet face and I like it very much. She also very fluently in speaking English like a person  that was born in English community or family. She do her role as a moderator of her group very confidently and nicely done and her has a sway of language like a reality television program personality. I seriously said that Kaka have a gift as a forum or any discussion moderator because I'm sure that she can handle any ceremony successfully

The best topic that I choose is Tsunami Hit Japan. The reason why I choose this topic is firstly , it is the worlds current issue and I like current issue very much. Moreover,with discussing this topic it make us more know what kind of situation that happen in there and it is also discuss about how important of modern technology to avoid from high casualties from that disasters like early warning alarm or siren. It propose to alert the residency to evacuate their resident immediately  about 2 hour before the impact.

Best Panel
The best panel that I choose is Aminuddin bin Sahamed. Why I choose him because he is very handsome man and he have many idea about the topic that he discuss. He also have a specification as a panel because he have many knowledge and can give many opinion and suggestion. Moreover,he also suggest a way to solve the problem or to prevent any bad situation that can occur.

That all my comment about the best panel,moderator,and topic about our forum before.

Mini Pony Race

The Participants And  VIP's


Mini Pony Race was held on 5 March 2011 and it is was the first event that have been held among the universitys inTerengganu, University Sultan Zainal Abidin(UniSZA) is the first University organized this race. This Race actually is my final project for Equestrian Co-Curriculum that i joined on the early year of 2011.
The race was opening ceremony was inaugurated by Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Abdul Manaf Bin Ali .Eventhough this kind of event is just a small race,but participation is a very encourage because 31 of participant was participate in this race eventhough it is first time and small race.
The prize is a vey wonderful because the winner that get at the 1st,2nd and 3rd place got money gift like 1st palce got RM 200,2nd RM 150, 3rd RM 50. That is a very – very good prize.
The Race Started at 8.00 am until in the evening. Beside Race , there are also have the Horse car to ride. It bring the people thaht want to feel how  the feeling ride a horse car.
So, I hope next time  Co-curriculum of Equestrian will do some more big event to upgrade our university name to entire country to make it famous, Insyaallah.