Monday, 18 April 2011

Trip to Johor

On last 1st April,my course organize a study trip to Johor the title of the trip is "Lawatan Kearah Peluang Pekerjaan" or "Towards Employment Opportunity Tour" . It is for the member club to open their eyes that our field is what kind of job that linked with.

Firstyl we go to Nusajaya. we arrived at Nusajaya office . then their official from marketing department have described and explained a little about the goal of all development of Nusajaya . after that, we re carried to visited all around at Nusajaya planned for to 2014 . we re also went to that place are called Puteri Habour . Puteri Habour re developed  to cruise port, luxury condominium and so on . im sure that Puteri Habour will become most popular place in the world when everything was ready to use .

Our course is International Trade course so maybe our opportunity job in the future is will work with the ports company as an example we go to Port of Tanjung Pelepas, it is one of the high technology port in the world so I am proud to be Malaysian because my coutry have such that advance technology. Actually I have a intend to work there because it such as a good place to work and the surrounding is good and also near to Singapore. and I never been  there so someday I will..

After visited Port of Tanjung Pelepas, we stay at University Technology Malaysia (UTM).Because on the next day we will visit around UTM and see what kind of development that is have in there.

Firstly, we visited to reserved forest in UTM actually we  are the first University in  Malaysia that visited the forest because it juts recently done renovation. it is a honor for us. After that,we go to deer place to look there because deer is very famous at UTM. Then, we visit their observation station an up there we can see the whole UTM campus. It is a crescent shape and very beautiful if we look from the hill.

This kind of trip I very like because we can see other state and culture. So there are many benefits if we join the trip to anywhere because we can learn from trip.

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