Sunday, 17 April 2011

preparation for final exam

My Final Exam was near and it is start on 24 April 2011, I am very nervous because I am not a good student and not very clever but have many lazy attitude such as sleeping,not study watch a movie chatting,surfing Facebook,and many more. So I have to change my bad attitude to prepare for my Final Exam to be more hardworking and diligent. I Have To !! because it is for my future and for my parents to proud on me because of the good result.

So my preparation of my Final exam is I have to do a Study Group with my friend, see a lecturer study by myself  and do a revision.

Like study group I can invite my friends to help me teach me a subject that I not very understand and ask a question. seeing a lecturer to ask them to teach me the subject such as account and math,because I am very - very week in that subject.

Do a revision is the most important thing that I have to do because with revision I maybe can understand the subject and maybe can more can some new information because with revision we can revise back the subject that we do not understand and can research that subject until we understand.

So that is my preparation for facing the final exam and I hope all my friend support me and also madam Wahidah to support and pray for me to get the good result. Insyallah. amiinnn

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