Friday, 4 March 2011

My Photography Hobby

My Camera(Canon 400d)

My hobby during weekend is taking a photo or more specifically known as Still Photography. Taking a still phot is my favorite hobbu because with still photogtaphy we can describe an expression,feeling,and experience in it. Still photo is most famous photography techniques  or art during world war one and two. Before the scientist create an new invention a video camera.
The art that not all people know about my hobby to taking a still photo is from the that  I took,it can make a picture looks like alive after printed because to take this photo need more light and angle  to have a best shots.
I am using my Digital Single Lens Reflex(DSLR) Canon 400d. I have bought it in May 2008 that about two years left. So, eventhough I have bought it long time, but there is are a lot of techniques that i have to learn from still photography experts because I am still that peaople call “amateur” because there are lots of experience that i have to find to enhacne my photography skills.
Actually, I you or somebody that want to benign this hobby. I pleasure you all. Moreover,it is not just only you have a hobby to joint this group but with photogrpahy you can make a site income because if you have many contact such as your friends and relation that want to held a ceremony or wedding you can offer your self to be a photographer with your own charge.
So, photography not just limit as a hobby but it is one of the sources that you can generate an income to add more your pocket mony like i do. Moreover , with work taking photo you can improve your photography skill like a try ana error style.
That all , detail about my hobby as I want to be a professional photographer like my idol Steve McCurry that have been long time work as wild life photographer at National Geographic Channel.

Kor-Equestrian Co-curriculum at UniSZA

me with my horse tutor

Here I want to share with you all about my cocurriculum activities that held on every saturday.This semester I joined the Equestrian Co-curriculum because to me it's very new thing that I can learn with this co-curriculum such as mooring horses,grooming and ride the horse.

What is mooring horses?? I'm sure you are wondering what is mooring the horse right...
Ok, mooring horses is the first thing before we do anything with the horse because we have to take the horse to another place away from it stable to take a fresh air. So, after horses have take a fresh air they can more relax so it's easy for we to handle them because horse are very sensitive animal.We mooring the horse at tree or any place that solid enough because horse are very strong animal and have almost 80 percent of muscle in their body.That why we have to mooring them at the strong and solid object to avoid the pull the rope an ran away.....

Next,the grooming part....
grooming is the part that we treat horse like a king.There are many things that we have to do in grooming session.First,we bring the horse to grooming cage,then we tied the rope on the horse at wall to make them still steady because if  the horse keep on moving it will make us hard to grooming them.
             Firstly,we brush it body with special made for horses brush to remove dead skin,dusk,small stone,insect and many more.we do that to all part of horse including it face.Sometime,some horse are bit Itch or amused because sometime accidentally we brush their sensitive part. Then, we combing it tail and hair with special comb to make horses hair straight like do a re bonding treatment.

lastly, riding a horses is the most fearful mixed with excited feeling because the horse are little bit naughty and does not want to listen to their master. I am not have a chance to ride the horse yet because there are a lot of my friends to tries first so  i give to them. It's ok to me..because I'm happy if they are happy...

So, until here only my journal about Horses co curriculum and thanks to UniSZA because provide this kind of interesting and meaningful co - curriculum activities.

Fill Up my Free Time

Badri,Yazid,Amy(me),Ashrol,Hafiz,Aminudin, and Nasruldeen

Yazid ( Sitting duck style)

Fill up my free time with playing a bowling at Terengganu Equestrian Resort(TER) with my friends. There are 7 of us started with Badri,Yazid,Amy(me),Ashrol,Hafiz,Aminudin, and Nasruldeen.We go there by four motorcycle that we borrowed at our senior.There are very kind senior and not parsimonius to give their motorbike.We went to TER on Wednesday about 1 pm in the afternoon. That day the weather condition were about a little cloudy and not too hot,so  it is a very good time to go somewhere in Terengganu or more specific Kuala Terengganu.
                In TER, I’m the one who started the game.We play about 2 sets of game and book 2 lane of bowling ball way.That day was a vey fun day because I see many way of my friends throw the bowling ball and it is make my mind relax from tension on study with seeng my friends behaviour. As example Yazid and Badri, they always do the sitting duck style  after throwing the ball. They are very expert in playing a bowling but me are still amateur because I’m new in playing this game and not very good in it.
That day was a wonderful day and I cannot forget this moment ever and ever after because time cannot return back and this is the moment that we especially me to remember. So what i do to keep on remember this happy activity?? I bought my camera to snap a pictures for a record or personal collection with my lovely friends....and what I hope is,we are always do all kinds of activities together and not do each of us own business...except dating with our girlfriend(need some picvacy)....huhu
That all....and to all my friends,thanks for being my friend. Thank You Very Much..