Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oral Presentation

Today I will seat from Oral test and I'm very excite because does not know what kind of question that will be give to me,usually its general knowledge. I'm from the group The Fantastic Four with my friends Ashrol,Aminuddin,Badri And Aziamy(me) have to be ready everytime because we afraid that we cannot answer the quesrtion. let me tell you about the Oral Test

First ly,its diveded by two task like

Task A : Induvidual
- All candidate will be give the question and gived time to read about 2 minutes.
- Jot down all the point
- 2 minutes to present sequencely
- after 2 minutes candidates must stop.
 - the other candidates must write the notes that have been presnt by their friends

Task B : Group Discussion.
- All Candidates must Discuss with their group
- 10 Minutes time given
 - All candidates must present thier oppinion
 - A bit of Arguing(more marks) hehehe
 - All candidate have to make the conclusion
 - Or Conclude All the points to make a One Conclusion

So, That a little bit about my Oral presentation that I will face it TODAY !!!!
I hope you guys pray for me and my group ok and get ther higher marks. Insyaallah

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