Sunday, 17 April 2011

UniSZA in Flood

During early march of 2011 there were raining heavily and not stop untill the end of march or the earlier of april rain is non stop every day untill all kind of daily activities cannot be done. So, when its rain not stop, the water level reach level limit of drain so the drain cannot patch then the water overflow.

The picture above show that my friend Ashrol and me is playing water while  we are on the way to the program that was held by Public Speaking CoCurriculum at block Ali. The topic is Hero Speech.

We have to folding our bottom jeans for not been touch by water. But this is the new experience that I have been face because in my state there very rarely been flood and I never yet bath with flood water.

So someday  I will bath with that water. I Will do it hehehe,

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