Monday, 28 February 2011

my first experience of voting

voting with my friend(ashrol)

Here I want to tell you about my first day being a voter,it is a new and good experience to me because I  never do this kind of responsibility before.I'm not yet old enough to vote officially to choose the General Selection.
So, in UniSZA there were a election to choose the new student representative council for the year 2011/2012.This is an unforgettable memory becoming a voter.
I vote the person that to me seems can do work and looks responsibility and also can promote UniSZA to entire country and make UniSZA famous.
More over, there are like a tradition around the country for the University election to choose  the right leader and bring benefits to students

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Favorite Movie

One of my hobby is watching a movie either watching it in cinema or at home.
Here I want to share with you all about my favorite movie in my entire life that i haved seen it...

I start with Terminator film,that movie actually is a trilogy movie...
Started with Terminator,Terminator 2 : Judgement Day,Terminator 3 : Rise of The Machine and the last one Terminator Salvation

Down here u can read about its synopsis of the Terminator  movie.

These kind a of movie actually about a future of the mankind which is destroyed by nuclear weapon blast because the headquarter of US Army have been take over by the computer.So the computer that the US Army called it as 'Skynet'. Skynet have been attacked by the Virus that the armed forces cannot remove or delete the virus.The technology of the skynet is very high tech because US Army built a war robots for defensive but because of the virus,all the robots have been activated to destroy human and make a chaos tu rule the world.The virus actually start the countdown of the nuclear weapon in all state in United State of America.About 80% of human population was dead and the left is fighting with smart weapon machines or robots that their mission is to destroy all man kind in the world.

I have been watched this movie about more 10 times until I can remember certain scenes with the scripts !!
maybe I like it because of the technology that appear in that movie.Moreover,it's similar with my enthusiasm of the modern or high tech weapon specially the nuclear weapon.The blast of nuclear weapon that will make a mushroom cloud.That's is the most beautiful cloud i ever seen in my opinion.

Lastly,it's hard for me to not watch this movie again because even my age become older along the days..
I'll never stop from watching these kind of movie even until end of my life.......

In Conclusion,this films make me feel that i'm in the future so I imagine that I am the hero in this movies..

Tq,if you like it...
please comment ok....

Thursday, 10 February 2011

First Time..!!!

Finally I haved Created My Blog..
This is a very new experience because I does not have any kind of blog before. Firstly, I want to say a lot of Thank you for teaching me an English or known as UBI 1012. Madam, I like the way you teach us especially to me. If not u give us an assignment to create a blog, I do not know until when i will have my own blog. Now I know blog have many benefits to me such as fill up my journal life,my activities,put some information or new knowledge and much more.
So, I will take care of my blog carefully like I take care of my Facebook and Myspace account. I am sure that this blog are not boring because  I will always think about new idea and point that i want to upload in this blog along with my  daily activities during this semester or next semester with new and freshly idea that came together with experience.