Monday, 18 April 2011


Last month my friends and I is attend for the Motocross Race that was held beside the Stadium of Sultan Mizan,near to Seberang Takir Airport. The race was held by the local organizer and the participant was very encouraging because about 50 participant participate in that race.

So my friend and I are very like to watch a motocross because of their action or the skill that is show by them. It is very extreme action and very challenging  so as a extreme sport fan, I am very enjoy to watch it.

The race was divided by three kind of group
 1. Cup Cross. It is a motocross that the capacity of their engine below than 150cc because it is only for the small motorcycle.

2. Endurance Cross
It is like a cross country race,because the participate have to go through along the hard track like have to facing with mud or water or hilly way. It is for the big motocross because only the big group of motocross can  participate in this kind of race.

3. Motocross race,it i the kind that only big bikes only can join its for the extreme action because this motocross type have to do a variety skill and marks given by their skill and the control of their bike. If more high the motocross jump marks that will be given.

That all for my interest in motocross activities and even it is the extreme or rough activity but it is also sport. that we call Motor Sport.

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